Los Seis Dias del Ciclismo de Pista 2006


April 19-24, 2006

Start List:

  1. Luis Fernando Macias (Mex) / Franco Marvulli (Sui)
  2. Manuel Hernandez (Mex) / Christian Grasmann (Ger)
  3. Angelo Ciccone (Ita) / Giuseppe Atzeni (Sui)
  4. Georg Tazreiter (Aut) / Andreas Graf (Aut)
  5. Juan Jose de la Rosa (Mex) / Marco Villa (Ita)
  6. Maxime Bally (Sui) / Takeshi Hashimoto (Jap)
  7. Rodolfo Avila (Mex) / Andreas Muller (Ger)
  8. Luis Pulido (Mex) / Josef Zabka (Slo)
  9. Guillermo Ferrer (Esp) / Beni Baumgartner (Sui)
  10. Issac Canizales (Vnz) / Maximo Rojas (Vnz)
  11. Daniel Garcia (Vnz) / Franklin Molina (Vnz)
  12. Cuitlahuac Ayala (Mex) / Jose Carlos Valdez (Mex)
  13. Carles Torrent (Esp) / Jose Antonio Parra (Esp)
  14. Martin Liska (Slo) / Christian Barrios (Mex)
  15. Jose "El Torero" Sanchez (Mex) / Socrates Espinoza (Mex)

Alfredo Morales Shaadi: Director del Instituto Aguascalentense del Deporte
Nancy Contreras: Campeonato National de Pista
Pedro Frias: El comisario de Cuba
Angel "El Zapopan" Romero Llamas

The 2005-2006 European 6-day season ended in February with the Lotto Hasselt 6-day event in Belgium and the final event of the winter track season ended in Bordeaux, France with the World Track Cycling Championships.

On April 16, 2006 in Bordeaux all the endurance track cyclists took part in the Madison event and the Spaniards Isaac Galvez Lopez and Juan Llaneras Rossello were crowned world champions for the Madison. Two days later in Mexican central plateau city of Aguascalientes Los Seis Dias del Ciclismo de Pista Aguascalientes or 6-dias de Mexico began. The Swiss track star Marco Marvulli and the Italian veteran Marco Villa made the 10 hour plane flight. This event is sanctioned by the UCI and the La Federacion Mexicana de Ciclismo. Over 60 track specialists from Mexico, Europe and Asia are in attendance. This track race is being used as a pre-selection competition for the Mexican cyclists that are hoping to compete in Los Juegos Centroamericanos y del Caribe de Cartagena 2006. Secondly Los Seis Dias Mexico is also being used as a tune-up for the 2007 Junior World Track Championships that are being held at the Aguascalientes Velodrome.

The Velodromo Aguascalientes is made out of concrete and is 333.33meter long and 7 meters wide with a gradient in the corners of 37 degrees and in the straightaways of 34 degrees. The track is an outdoor venue under the lights with temperatures in the 60-70 degrees at night and they have stands for 3500 spectators. The Federation Mexicana de Ciclismo has made a significant commitment to track cycling with an ambitious plan to construct 9 velodromes over the next few years. We can expect that the Mexicans will have a significant presence of the world track scene in the future.

The Velodromo Aguascalientes has previously held two UCI World Cup Track events in 2003 and 2004. Also the Seis Dias de Mexico was held there in 2001, 2002. On the Mexicans side Luis Fernando Macias has previously taken 3rd place at the Seis Dias de Mexico in 2001 with Jimmy Hansen (Den). In the same event Juan L. Contreras (Mex) and Juan Jose de la Rosa (Mex) took fifth place with 120 points and 6 laps behind the winners Matthew Gilmore (Bel) and Scott McGrory (Aus). In 2002 Juan Jose de la Rosa won the 6-dias with his partner Giovanni Lombardi. De la Rosa is a famous Mexican cyclist and comparison have been made in his racing style and prowess to Miguel Indurain for his racing prowess and even has a mural painted for him on a building in Mexico City.

Check out the results:


Looking at the program, the organizers are holding the usual 6-day track events such as: points race, team elimination, Madison, Flying sprints, scratch and single elimination. They are also having a Mexico vs. Europe 500m Olympic Sprint competition and many individual sprint events for the men and the women.

At the moment it has been hard to get the results. I have e-mailed three different people in English and my poor Espanol but no luck. I hope to have some results soon.

Day 1 Results:

Manuel Hernandez and Socrates Espinoza are in the lead with 16 points, second were the Austrians Andreas Graf and Georg Tazreiter with 11 points and third was Spanish track specialist Guillermo Ferrer and his Swiss partner Beni Baumgartner with eight points. Franco Marvulli and his Mexican partner Luis Fernando Macias won the Points Race with 28 points, second was the Italian team of Giuseppe Atzeni and Angelo Ciccone. With 36 riders on the track it must be pretty crowded.

In the women’s races Miriam Welte set a new track record for the 333.33 meters track with a time of 20.471.

Day 2 Results: No Information available

Day 3 Results: No Information available

Day 4 Results: No Information available

Day 5 Results:

  1. Marco Marvulli (Sui) / Luis Fernando Macias (Mex), 143 points
  2. Juan de la Rosa (Mex) / Marco Villa (Ita), 137 points
  3. Giuseppe Atzeni (Sui) / Angelo Ciccone (Ita, 129 points
  4. Andreas Graf (Aut) / Georg Tazreiter (Aut), 126 points
  5. Guillermo Ferrer (Esp) / Beni Baumgartner (Sui)
  6. Jose Sanchez (Mex) / Josef Zabka (Slo)
  7. Carlos Torrent (Esp) / Juan Antonio Parra (Esp)
  8. Socrates Espinoza (Mex) / Jose Carlos Valdez (Mex)
  9. Manuel Hernandez (Mex) / Christian Grasmann (Ger)
  10. Rodolfo Avila (Mex) / Jose Sanchez (Mex)

Final Results:

  1. Franco Marvulli (Sui) / Luis Fernando Macias (Mex), 195 points
  2. Juan Jose de la Rosa (Mex) / Marco Villa (Ita), 184 points
  3. Giuseppe Atzeni (Sui) / Angelo Ciccone (Ita), 159 points
  4. Andreas Graf (Aut) / Georg Tazreiter (Aut), 126 points
  5. Guillermo Ferrer (Esp) / Beni Baumgartner (Sui)
  6. Maximo Rojas (Vnz) / Isaac Canizales (Vnz), 111 points
  7. Antonio Parra (Esp) / Carles Torrent (Esp), 100 points
  8. Luis Pulido (Mex) / Josef Zabka (Slo), 86 points
  9. Manuel Hernandez (Mex) / Christian Grasmann (Ger)

Arnold Devlin