Six Night Bicycle Team Race at Delhi Ontario July 24th to 29th 1939

  1. Rene Cyr and Albert Schelstraete, 385 miles, 555 points
  2. Sam Crowley and Butch Miller, 1 lap, 197 points
  3. Hurlbert and Busch, 145 points
  4. Perron and Cland, 3 laps, 84 points
  5. Art Leadbeater and Baker, 4 laps, 364 points
  6. Hughes and Crowder, 5 laps, 225 points
  7. Kaye and Wilde, 70 points
  8. Salvador and Benj Polidoro, 41 points

The 7th and 8th place teams were withdrawn from race before the gun for the final half hour of the race. The teams rode three hours each night. Points scored 5,3,2,1 and in the last day were doubled. Final half hour points scored 72, 6,4,2 with a sprint every mile.

Information was taken from the Canadian Wheelman’s Association Race Book 1939, located at the Canadian Archives in Ottawa.