1937 Newspaper Articles

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January 22, 1937 - Stevens Point Daily Journal

Six-Day Bicycle Race Opens Tonight

Milwaukee, Jan. 22 (AP) -- Gustav Kilian and Heinz Vopel will be rated as favorites tonight when 11 teams push off in Milwaukee's sixth international six-day bike race.

Although the Germans were favored in the betting because of their victory in the Cleveland race last week, they were expected to find strong competition in Audy and Lepage, the Peden brothers, Winter and Ottevaire, and other veterans.

Preceding the start of the six-day grind, 24 amateur riders will compete in a one-hour program featured by a series of 10 sprints.

January 22, 1937 - Appleton Post Crescent

Six-Day Bike Riders Begin Grind Tonight

Milwaukee -- Milwaukee's annual six-day bike race will begin tonight with a star field of riders including Gustav Kilian, Heinz Vopel, Torchy Peden, Jules Audy and Charlie Winter.

Teams entered are:
Charlie Winter and Freddie Ottevaire; Henri Lepage and Jules Audy; Torchy and Doug Peden; Tino Riboli and Charley Yaccino; Freddie Spencer and Ewald Wissel; Reggie Fielding and Albert Sellinger; Jackie Sheehan and H. O'Brien; Laurent Gadou and Albert Heaton; Jakie Gruber and Dominick Camastro; Ray Keller and Henry Sima.

A one-hour program of sprints, presented by Wisconcin amateurs, will precede the start of the six day grind.

January 23, 1937 - The Oshkosh Northwestern


Milwaukee (AP) -- The American team of Charles Winter and Freddie Ottevaire led by a small point margin today at the end of the 12th hour of Milwaukee's sixth international six-day bicycle race.

They were tied in mileage with the favorites, the German pair-- Gustav Kilian and Heinz Vopel.

These teams were tied in mileage and points until the early hours of the day, when Winter and Ottevaire pulled away in a sprint series.

The 9 a.m. standings:
Team			Miles	Laps	Pts
Winter-Ottevaire	218	8	55
Killian-Vopel		218	8	44
Spenser-Wissel		218	7	38
Peden-Peden		218	7	27
Lepage-Audy		218	6	43
Sheehan-O'Brien		218	6	25
Reboli-Yaccino		218	6	18
Fielding-Sellinger	218	2	38
Gruber-Camastro		218	2	11
Gadou-Heaton		218	1	19
Keller-Sima		218	1	11

January 25, 1937 - The Ironwood Daily Globe

Cut Field in Race

Milwaukee, Jan. 25 (AP) -- The field in the sixth international Milwaukee six-day bicycle race was down to nine pairs today after a withdrawal of Henri Lepage of Montreal; Albert Sellinger of Irvington, N. Y.; Ray Keller, Milwaukee, and Henry Sima, Chicago. Eleven teams started.

Lepage's partner, Jules Audy of Montreal, temaed with Sellinger's starting mate, Reggie Fielding of Toronto. The judges said Lepage was running a high temperature and had the flu, and that Sellinger also was ill. They and the Keller-Sima combination, which had been in last place, withdrew last night.

Meanwhile, the Reboli-Yaccino combination gained a lap to pull into a tie on mileage with the leaders, Torchy and Doug Peden. At midnight, the 51st hour mark, the leaders had gone 902.6 miles.

January 28, 1937 - The Oshkosh Northwestern


Milwaukee (AP) -- Six teams were tied today for second place one lap behind the leaders -- Charlie Winter and Freddie Ottevaire -- as the pace was stepped up in the closing hours of Milwaukee's six-day bicycle race.

The leaders had covered 2,202 miless and nine laps. They had scored 528 sprint points.

The race ends at 12 o'clock tonight.

The 9 a.m. (C.S.T.) standings:
Team			Miles	Laps	Pts
Winter-Ottevaire	2,202	9	528
Kilian-Vopel		2,202	8	652
Peden-Peden		2,202	8	400
Sheehan-O'Brien		2,202	8	323
Audy-Fielding		2,202	8	300
Gadou-Heaton		2,202	8	290
Reboli-Yaccino		2,202	8	173
Spenser-Wissel		2,202	4	396
Gruber-Camastro		2,202	1	120

January 29, 1937 - The Oshkosh Northwestern


German Pair Put on Final Burst of Speed 20 Minutes Before Finish to Overcome American Lead

Milwaukee (AP) -- Gustav Kilian and Heinz Vopel, favored German bike team, made up a lap deficit in the closing minutes of the six-day international bicycle race last night and then won the marathon whirl on sprint points from the American team of Charlie Winter and Freddie Ottevaire.

Both teams traveled 2,576 miles during the 149 hours of pedaling but the Germans amassed 1,325 points to 592 for Winter and Ottevaire.

Kilian-Vopel put on their final burst of speed 20 minutes before the finish at midnight to overcome the lap lead the American duo had held since Wednesday afternoon.

Seven teams of the nine finished the race. Trailing by eight laps the combination of Gruber-Camastro was ordered from the track by the referee. Charley Yaccino spilled and his partner, Tino Reboli, teamed with Jules Audy in the closing hour. Audy's partner, Reggie Fielding, dropped out because of illness.

The final standings:
Team			Miles	Laps	Pts
Kilian-Vopel		2,575	0	1,325
Winter-Ottevaire	2,575	0	692
Reboli-Audy		2,575	9	1,066
Peden-Peden		2,575	9	822
Sheehan-O'Brien		2,575	9	523
Gadou-Heaton		2,575	7	417
Spenser-Wissel		2,575	6	548

February 11, 1937 - The Hammond Times


INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 11 (INS)-- Fear that the city anti-marathon laws would make staging of a six-day bicycle race here impossible were dispelled today with the announcement of promoters and Dr. James W. Putnam, president of Butler University, in whose fieldhouse the event will be staged, that all laws will be complied with.

Ordinarily six day races are continuous affairs but local laws do not permit a test lasting more than 12 hours. Under revised plans the race here will officially open at 12:01 a.m. next Monday morning and a special race run. Thereafter daily races beginning at 2:45 p.m. and lasting until 2:30 a.m. the next morning will be staged with the windup on Saturday.

Meanwhile carpenters moved rapidly with track construction and many of the stars who will compete engaged in various forms of conditioning workouts and held hopes that the board runway would be in shape to permit warmup riding on Saturday.

March 6, 1937 - Ironwood Daily Globe

Lapping It Up

When the customers are away, the bike riders will play. So Jules Audy, in the dawn lull of New York's six-day bicycle race, reads about the contest in the morning paper to help while away hours ubtil spectators are again admitted to Madison Square Garden. But he keeps on adding laps to his team's record. Ed Testa of Los Angeles betters the doctor's order for him to exercise after meals by exercising while eating during the race.

Jules Audy

Ed Testa

March 8, 1937 - The Oshkosh Northwestern


New York (AP) -- Bobby Thomas of Kenosha, Wis., and Tino Reboli of Newark, N.J., who finished third in the 62nd international six-day bicycle race here Saturday night signed yesterday to compete in a race in Chicago, March 15 to 21. The winners of the Madison Square Garden race, Jean Aerts and Omar Debruycker, Belgians, also signed for their first appearance in Chicago.

March 18, 1937 - Dunkirk Evening Observer

Doug Peden, junior partner of the famous six-day bicycle firm of Peden-Peden, slakes his thirst during a rest period in one of their grinds.

March 22, 1937 - The Oshkosh Northwestern


Chicago (AP) -- The Red devil team of French bike racers, Emile Ignat and Emile Diot, today found Chicago a lucrative spot for their riding.

For the second time, Ignat and Diot were the race winners of a six-day bicycle race at the Chicago Stadium, having emerged victorious in the 37th international contest which ended last last midnight. It also was their second victory in the United States.


Team			Miles	Laps	Pts
Ignat-Diot		2,230	9	579
Wals-Georgetti		2,230	8	1,302
Peden-Audy		2,230	8	454
Aerts-Debruycker	2,230	7	774
Reboli-Thomas		2,230	7	738
Debaets-O'Brien		2,230	7	594
Grillo-Yaccino		2,230	5	474

June 10, 1937 - Oakland Tribune

Six-Day Racers Vie on S.F. Oval

The American-Belgian team of Jack McCoy and Archie Bollaert took an early lead in the opening day of a six-day bicycle race at San Francisco.

Manuel Martinez of the Mexican team, was forced out of the race when he fell and dislocated his shoulder.

November 13, 1937 - The Daily Tribune - Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. & The Oshkosh Northwestern


Chicago, Nov. 13 (AP) -- Three teams were deadlocked for first place at the end of the 129th hour in the Chicago six-day bicycle race at 4 a.m. today.

They were the German team of Gus Kilian and Heinz Vopel, the Canadian team of Torchy and Doug Peden and the French duo of Emile Ignat and Emile Diot.

The 6 a.m., 129th hour standings:

Team			Miles	Laps	Pts
Kilian-Vopel		2,108	5	848
W.Peden-D.Peden		2,108	5	570
Ignat-Diot		2,108	5	544
Rodman-Wals		2,108	4	393
Walthour-Crossley	2,108	4	269
Debaets-Thomas		2,108	2	201
Georgetti-Ottevaire	2,108	2	134
Letourner-Reboli	2,108	2	116
O'Brien-Allen		2,108	0	247
Audy-Lepage		2,107	4	306

November 15, 1937 - Appleton Post Cresent

Kilian and Vopel Win Six-Day Race

Teutons Victorious on Points in Chicago Bicycle Grind

Chicago (AP) -- Gustav Kilian and his partner, Heinz Vopel of Germany, captured their sixth consecutive six-day bicycle race in winning Chicago's thirty-eighth international grind, which finished at the Chicago stadium shortly after midnight.

The Teutons were victorious on points, with a total of 1,444 registered in the sprints. They finished in a mileage deadlock with three other teams.

The French riders, Emile Ignat and Emile Diot, winners of Chicago's last two bike races, the Canadian brothers, Douglas and Torchy Peden, and the Belgian-American pair, Gerard Debaets and Bobby Thomas, the latter of Kenosha, Wis., were the other teams in the four-way mileage finish. Each team covered 2,400 miles, and nine laps.

The Frenchmen, with 1,012 points, were awarded second place, while the Pedens, of Vancouver, B.C., took third place. Thomas and Debaets were awarded fourth. Seven of the original thirteen starting teams finished. Upwards of 16,000 spectators witnesssed the hair raising climax.

December 3, 1937 - Ironwood Daily Globe


New York, Dec. 3 (AP) -- Manhatten merry-go-round -- that's the six-day bike race... Max Schmelling offered $25 for a sprint at the bike race the other night, and, quite appropriately, one of the German stars went out and won it.

December 3, 1937 - Appleton Post Cresent

Merry-Go-Round Is Near Windup

New York, Dec. 3 (AP) -- As the 63rd international six-day bicycle race was nearing its end at Madison Square Garden this morning, six teams were battling for supremacy.

Four were tied for the lead and the other two teams were one lap behind after a night of numerous spills, seven in all. The last spill caused Aldo Bini to retire from the race.

The four teams in first place are, Kilian-Vopel, Ignat-Diot, O'Brien-Allen and the Peden brothers -- holding one lap advantage over the two combinations of Letourner-Debaets and Walthour-Crossley.

The balance of the field was scattered from six to seven laps behind the leaders.

December 5, 1937 - The Syracuse Herald

German Team Wins 6-Day Bicycle Race

Kilian and Vopel Take 10 of 29 Final Sprints to Triumph

New York, Dec. 4 (AP) -- Turning on a last hour burst of speed, the German team of Gustav Kilian and Heinz Vopel rode the rest of the field into the track tonight and won New York's 63rd six-day bicycle race by a point margin before a sellout crowd of 16,000 in Madison Square Garden.

With no team able to match their blistering speed, the Germans won 10 of the final hours 29 sprints to pile up 1,384 points and breeze in with their seventh straight six-day victory, most recent of which was the November grind in Chicago.

Four otheer teams were deadlocked with them in distance covered in miles and laps, but were far back in sprint points. Nearest to the winners were the French pedalers, Emile Ignay and Emile Diot.

The French duo wound up with 938 points, far back of the winners, but good enough for the runner-up spot. Trailing them were the Canadian brothers, Doug and Torchy Peden, third, with 616 points. The surprise California combination of "Cocky" O'Brien of San Francisco and Russell Allen of Hollywood, with 477 were fourth, and the New York-Boston combination of Jimmy Walthour and Al Crossley, fifth, with 341.

December 16, 1937 - The Oshkosh Northwestern


Buffalo, N.Y. (AP) -- Gistav Kilian and Heinz Vopel, German pair who have won their last seven races, shared first place in Buffalo's sixth international six-day bicycle race today with the Belgian-American team of Gerard Debaets and Tino Reboli.

The standings at 8 a.m. were:

Teams			M	L	Pts
Kilian-Vopel		831	9	295
Debaets-Reboli		831	9	131
Peden-Peden		831	8	208
Walthour-Crossley	831	7	182
Rodman-Audy		831	6	55
Cieszinski-Ottevaire	831	4	83
Thomas-Behringer	831	3	94
Debacco-Defilipo	831	1	109
Eiler-Mammes		830	7	55
O'Brien-Spenser		830	6	90