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Remembering Arnold Devlin

April 27, 1946 - April 23, 2008

April 25, 2008

Arnold at the velodrome in Blaine, MN - 2005
It is with deep sorrow that I tell you our former TBCC member Arnold Devlin suddenly passed away some time on Wednesday at his home in Sudbury.

Looking forward to a great year of cycling, Arnold put on 600kms during the winter, training with his friends at the Sudbury Cycling Club clubhouse. He was planning on coming to Thunder Bay the week of  May 4th, to visit, ride and keep a few appointments he had made.

Arnold was a great friend and a passionate cyclist. He ate, lived and dreamt cycling. Keeping me informed on the world of cycling, Arnold was always passing on tidbits of info or links to the most recent races and events taking place around the world.

We rode many miles together and also spent many hours going over information for the website we looked after... 6dayracing.ca. Arnold was forever gleening material from old newpapers or sites pertaining to 6 day racing. We also had many contacts from all over the world, who would send us material we could use for the site.

Arnold will be dearly missed

From SSC member Guy Zita

Arnold helped lead and organize the touring group, he was also an international cycling journalist (http://www.6dayracing.ca) and an bicycle enthusiast.

For the few years I knew Arnold he was always ready to lend a helping hand, give good advice, and invite people to participate. I know that he touched many people in our club and community. I have been fortunate enough to see him help by giving his time, equipment, by helping people find work, share inspiring stories during out long boring winter practices, and even maybe rub in watching the “real” European races.

Arnold had put in his best winter of training ever this year, and had over 600KM since the snow left. He also had bought a new track bike to add to his collection (which I believer was at 14 or 15). When we were riding a week ago he was telling me that he had to ride every day to keep himself in good shape, and that even a few days off of the bike could really harm is health.

I know that Arnold will be missed by his family and friends. As more details are released I will post them on our club website.

If anyone would like to send a card or flowers to his wife and family, here is the address:

Mrs. A. Devlin   (NOTE: Mrs. Devlin no longer lives at this address)
175 Range de la Montagne
Abbotsford QC J0E 1A0

Did you know Arnold? Leave a comment or two on ArnoldDevlin.blogspot.com.

Memorial Service

"There will be a memorial service for Arnold Devlin
at Vale Community Centre in Thunder Bay
on Saturday May 10 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

This is an opportunity for his friends and former co-workers
in the Thunder Bay area to share their memories.

Arnold's family live in the Montreal area. The wake is this Friday
from 4-8, the funeral is Saturday at 1:00.

Arnold riding the track in Blaine in 2005.

Feasting on ribs before the 24 Hour Challenge in Middleville Michigan

Just before a ride with friends in May 2005.

Salute!! ...dear friend.